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Conference and Exhibition

    With the increasingly close cooperation between China and ASEAN, international conferences and exhibitions related to education between the two sides have gradually become an important means for relevant organizations and institutions from both sides to discuss cooperation, resources integration and cooperation implement.


    China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Platform will assist related alliances, departments and organizations to hold plenty of international conferences, exhibitions and competitions. China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Platform had organized partner colleges and universities to join in the World Skills Competition held in Kazan, had co-organized China-ASEAN Financial & Taxation Cooperation Forum from 2017 oto 2019. Because of Covid-19, international conferences and forums could not be held offline. In this way, China- ASEAN Education Cooperation Platform actively adapted the “offline+online” mode and co-organized the 2020(2ND) Chia-ASEAN Rail Transit Talent Cultivation Summit Forum successfully.

    China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Platform is struggling to integrate Chinese and ASEAN countries’ education resources to maximum extent, inviting related experts, such as foreign academicians of international engineering academy, headmasters and professors of universities, related senior level of SEAMEO and representatives of government department,to present and deliver speeches.



    With the deepening and expansion of China ASEAN education cooperation, the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Platform will take full use of its advantages, actively hold conferences and exhibitions related to China-ASEAN education cooperation and firmly implement the resolutions and achievements of the conference.

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