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With the increasingly close economic and trade relations between China and ASEAN, bilateral education cooperation has become more and more important. In order to serve the mutually beneficial cooperation in education and technology between China and ASEAN, China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Platform(abbreviated to “CAP”, and hereinafter referred to as the “CAP”) has emerged with the tide under the enthusiasm of professionals from China and ASEAN.


The mission of CAP is to jointly address regional and global challenges, specifically related to technical education, scientific and technological development, by strengthening collaboration among institutions from China and ASEAN countries. CAP acknowledges and promotes shared identity and values in working towards this mission.

Main Functions

CAP specializes in the following activities :

1.Disclose the first-hand official information of China-ASEAN education cooperation, indicating positive results and broad prospects of the mutually beneficiary education cooperation.

2.Promote mutually beneficial cooperation between academic institutions, including joint education, scientific research cooperation, teacher&student exchange, joint publishing, etc.

3.Provide consultation to relevant parties in establishing international training bases and in popularizing international technical qualification certificates.

4.Engage more relevant institutions from China and ASEAN countries to conduct mutually beneficial education cooperation.

Organizational Structure